Show Your Business to the World on a Small Budget

Small budgets can be a serious constrain for new businesses, and often, many are intimidated by the burdens of investments, loans and budget management, which is why they either give up the idea altogether or end up with a brand that manages to get out of the shadows it is casted into. Howev [...]

Organizing a Free-Trial Promo through Social Media

Organizing a free trial through social media is quite simple if you take the help of effective promotional service like RunRunPromos. In order to run such a promo, you need to first select the best customers. You can do so easily with the help of either public voting, or through random numbe [...]

4 Ways to Take Advantage of Being Small

As a business owner, there are some things you need to know in promoting your business, other than creating a Facebook page for your customers. As the potential of increasing business rises, your efforts need to reflect the customers growing demand for information. One way of effectively providi [...]

Have a feeling you are being repetitive?

Online promos are very effective if given proper attention. These promos need to be creative and attention grabbing. To attract people and to engage them in an activity is a tough job. Make sure you create unique promos every time because repetitive concepts and designs make it boring for the audien [...]

Promote Your B2B Relationships

Business to business marketing is often referred to as B2B, and is the marketing of products and services to businesses and institutional markets rather than to private retail consumers. While the vehicles of B2B marketing is virtually the same as those that are used to reach the consumer market [...]

How to Improve Sales Promotions Using Contests

Organize a Contest Related to Your Business Contests are a good way to promote sales within your brand, by driving a good amount of traffic to your website. Contests are generally referred to a type of technique for promotion which includes several tasks and challenges attempting to create a [...]

Organizing Direct Promos with Cash as Rewards

Running a business can be tough. You are not the only one offering an exceptional product; chances are, there are maybe even hundreds or thousands like you. So how do you stand out from the swarm of competitors? You organize direct promotions with cash as rewards. Organizing direct promotion [...]

Be Consistent On Communicating

The best way to promote business growth and development is by having a consistent and seamless connection with the customers - a connection that promotes communication rather than causes hindrances. If you wish to utilize the Internet and the various online platforms to get your message across, [...]

Your Email List on RunRunPromos

One of the best features that RunRunPromos offers its customers is the emailing list. It gives a platform for the brands to get emails from the potential clients, which in turn can generate sales and maximize sale promotion. Input and Create Emails Once you log on to [...]

Expand Your Community through Promos

What you want for your brand is to be at the top of their minds when your customers are ready to shop. One affordable marketing tactic to engage your customers is by introducing a promo through your community. When you are keeping your customer base informed of any new deals or promotions, they [...]

RunRunPromos officially ready for Launch!

RunRunPromos, a company born of the hard work of a group of individuals in Barcelona, is officially ready to take wings. The team behind RunRunPromos made it their mission to improve the businesses of advertisers and marketing or advertising agencies, by providing [...]

Motivate desire with a promo

In order to develop customer connection with the brand, the marketing staff carries out different approaches that would encourage the sale of the product to the potential buyers. Additionally, promos help in communicating a special message towards the consumers, which in turn motivates the desire [...]

How To Create A Perfect Online Promo For Your Brand

An online promo helps businesses achieve many goals in an effective way. When you plan your promo, make sure you have all the information on the components that you can include in it. With RunRunPromos you get a variety of options to make your online promo work most effectively.What are the diffe [...]

Support Your On-Street Message

Getting your marketing or advertising message across to your customers easily and in the most effective way is what every business wants. There are a number of ways businesses use to communicate their messages to their target audiences, some of the most prominently noticeable ways are brochures, ban [...]

Are You in the Need of Branding?

Branding, like a class and not just mere advertising, brings to your business the edge you should be looking for. With desirable branding, highlight your unique promise and character to be differentiated from your competitors. Engage with your customers while simultaneously adding value to your offe [...]