Organizing a Free-Trial Promo through Social Media

Organizing a free trial through social media is quite simple if you take the help of effective promotional service like RunRunPromos. In order to run such a promo, you need to first select the best customers. You can do so easily with the help of either public voting, or through random numbe [...]

Organizing a Photo, Video or Music Contest Through Votes and Polls

One of the latest marketing trends that is being followed everywhere, be it social media platforms or the brand websites, is organizing various photo, video or music contests and selecting winners through polls and votes. How It Really Works? The procedure of organizing a contest online is [...]

How to Improve Sales Promotions Using Contests

Organize a Contest Related to Your Business Contests are a good way to promote sales within your brand, by driving a good amount of traffic to your website. Contests are generally referred to a type of technique for promotion which includes several tasks and challenges attempting to create a [...]

Trick or treat?

Halloween is the time of year when creativity comes alive. Families put together their efforts to have the best home decorations and costumes. People with DIY superpowers stay sleepless to create the best Halloween costume. Set a contest to reward all this effort. Make all people get interested [...]

RunRunPromos officially ready for Launch!

RunRunPromos, a company born of the hard work of a group of individuals in Barcelona, is officially ready to take wings. The team behind RunRunPromos made it their mission to improve the businesses of advertisers and marketing or advertising agencies, by providing [...]

Organize a Video Contest

Organizing a video competition has to be one of the most interesting of online contests. Reason being, it gives you a platform where you can exploit the creativity of the contestants who have submitted their visually enticing videos. So, here is how you can get started with your video contest. [...]

How To Create A Perfect Online Promo For Your Brand

An online promo helps businesses achieve many goals in an effective way. When you plan your promo, make sure you have all the information on the components that you can include in it. With RunRunPromos you get a variety of options to make your online promo work most effectively.What are the diffe [...]