4 Ways to Improve Your RunRunPromos Database

4 Ways to Improve Your RunRunPromos Database

RunRunPromos has been specifically designed to meet all the users’ requirements in an efficient way. With providing complete access to subscribers email, it also allows users to make alterations in databases.  

1. Setting up a Validation Email
In order to ensure security, a validation email is set up prior to uploading any subscriber’s information. The email validator would verify the validity of an email address from the mail server to check whether it exist or not and if it does, it must be properly formatted. Once a validation email is set, you can now securely upload the clients’ information.  

2. Uploading Your Database
Once you have prepared a successful promo that would guarantee success to your product, you can make the most of it with the help of your database. Offering a handy control panel, the access to database is extremely trouble-free. Just upload the promo to the emailing side of RunRunPromos, clicking on the email lists button.  

3. Staying In Touch With Customers
Another major benefit of having databases is that it allows to build a connection with the customers. Providing means of staying in touch with them via emails, the RunRunPromos databases ensures customer satisfaction and high quality work.  

4. Updating Clients’ Information
Updating the information of the existing clients is not a problem anymore. By using simple, file updating process, you can modify any specific field in the list of database. In this way, your client’s information will be up to date.

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