Using Newsletters to Promote Products

Using Newsletters to Promote Products

Do you know what the most widely used form of marketing today is? No, it’s not billboard ads, nor the traditional mail or newspaper ads, but in fact email marketing. And do you know why it is so widely used? Because it actually works! Email newsletters, unlike tangible forms of coupons or ads, allow users to interact directly with the brand while giving them certain control over it.

Promo + Newsletters = The Winning Combination
Marketing a brand through constant phone calls and mail does no good for it; in fact, it may work in the opposite, garnering negative feedback from consumers who may be annoyed by the frequency of ads. With RunRunPromos, you can link newsletters with promo databases. When you run a promo, you get a client database which you use to interact with your clients, and the promotional platform allows you to carry out the newsletter synchronization so that you may not only save your brand reputation but also deliver the promotional offer to the user.

Promoting Based on Interests
With a traditional newspaper ad, you are targeting a huge un-segmented audience, most of which may not even be able to avail the service (out of city/state residents). With newsletter emails, you can segment the target audience based on their interest or location, which will help you save a fair amount of budget while increasing the effectiveness of the promotion.

Keeping Track of Customers
With newsletters, you may also keep track of consumer activity by monitoring which promotion got clicked on or opened the most number of times, which then helps you decide which marketing tactic actually works for the brand. You may also reward frequent customers with special discounts or online printable coupons, which saves you the hassle of sending them physically through mail.

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