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RunRunPromos is a company born of the hard work of a group of individuals in Barcelona. The team behind RunRunPromos made it their mission to improve the business of brand advertising and agencies by providing an excellent platform for Social Promotions.

What we see

Our vision is that today the world is turning into a Social Promo place. There is a clear influence in the end user and the way we buy products and services, now very related to a value for money rational-emotional decision. Marketing decision makers don’t have a true online service, out of the box with a lean experience that allows them to run their Social Promos.

What we do

Our mission is to provide marketing decision-makers from advertisers and marketing agency partners with the best Social Promo platform. We will allow you to create a promotion within minutes, at an insignificant cost, and to implement yourself or collaborate with your agencies for the execution.

What we value

RunRunPromos values commitment with our client business, customer experience, joy, honesty, simplicity, trustworthiness & business wellness.

We want to solve

3 key problems:

  1. Your need to create value or sales-related activities
  2. Your need to create a Social Promo very quickly
  3. Your need to just have a true reliable platform

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