FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Implementing a promo can take from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the combination you pick and the degree of customization you want. So, yes, it’s true! Just try

Yes, it’s absolutely true. Our last count was 141 combinations, without including the add-ons you can add. Our unique set of promo types, incentives and ways to obtain them make that possible.

Yes it is true. Whereas RunRunPromos is of course a software platform, there’s been a huge amount of human thinking in order to create it, which allows us to offer enhanced specific features depending on each promo combination. The system will automatically send various emails to participants, providing the best user experience, and use a robust status system for each combination, so that advertisers and agencies can manage their promos smoothly.

RunRunPromos does not replace your agency. Actually, your agency can use RunRunPromos to provide a full service to you. RunRunPromos provides a 360º promotional and loyalty web app and an email platform that can be used by anyone wanting to launch a program or a promotion, building integrated campaigns around it.

RunRunPromos provides a full web app so you can handle your promotion. However we do not provide the promotional strategy to you, which is something we think you shall do on your own or in collaboration with your advertising or promotions agency. In case you need an agency to help building your strategy, please refer to our recommended agency page.

Our privacy policy is fully compliant with with EU directive 95/46 on personal data. Europe is known for having one of the strictest privacy policy in the world.

For any plan, you will be able to see, real-time, your program or promotion key data: total number of participants, number of approved participants, number of rejected participants, each participant sheet, etc. Then depending on the plan [link to plans], you’ll be able to access to much more information.

Yes of course you can. There are two ways to use our emailing system. Independently or in combination with the lists created from promos.

You’re welcome to sign up and not run a promo. Sign up is free and we’ll be proud to have you explore our platform.

Each promotion is associated to a specific plan. You can decide to run a promo with a plan and another one with another type of plan.

RunRunPromos provides the promotional platform, which associates each type of mechanic combination to a unique participant status system and automatically and customizable email set for your participants. We are a global service and therefore we cannot physically buy or send the gifts to your participants. Our mission is providing a great promotional platform to manage the whole promotion, from registration, to participant data check, analytics, reporting, and status change. Once you send the gift to your customer, we recommend that you change their status accordingly. If you’re running a cash-back promo with bank transfers, you’ll be responsible for executing those bank transfers from your account and changing the participant status. In case you represent a brand and need a 360º promotional service including all the aspects of your promo (for instance, buying and sending gifts or making bank transfers), we’re proud to recommend a few agencies.

If your country is not represented, please contact us and we will assist you in finding one.

Your end-user database is stored in RunRunPromos servers, in the European Union.

RunRunPromos has a wallet-type payment system, where you fund your account buying credits and then spend those credits against the promotions, emailing campaigns or loyalty programs you run.

Of course, RunRunPromos will generate invoices for you at the end of each month.

If you run a promo for Spain, we’re legally bound to add the VAT to our fees and pay them to the Spanish government. If you’re hiring our services from EU based company but not running the promotion in Spain, we will not increase our fees with the VAT. In that case we strongly recommend you seek for accounting assistance on local VAT payment in your country. We will invoice VAT or not depending on the information you provide. Providing true data is your responsibility.