Show Your Business to the World on a Small Budget

Small budgets can be a serious constrain for new businesses, and often, many are intimidated by the burdens of investments, loans and budget management, which is why they either give up the idea altogether or end up with a brand that manages to get out of the shadows it is casted into. Howev [...]

Organizing a Poll with a Raffle and Giving Away Cash

Setting up an online promo helps your brand gain increased visibility and a lot of new customers. This is a relatively recent way of promoting a brand/business and has proven to be very effective. You can offer great deals with your online promotion to ensure participation. Creating an effecti [...]

Organizing a Free-Trial Promo through Social Media

Organizing a free trial through social media is quite simple if you take the help of effective promotional service like RunRunPromos. In order to run such a promo, you need to first select the best customers. You can do so easily with the help of either public voting, or through random numbe [...]

Organizing a Photo, Video or Music Contest Through Votes and Polls

One of the latest marketing trends that is being followed everywhere, be it social media platforms or the brand websites, is organizing various photo, video or music contests and selecting winners through polls and votes. How It Really Works? The procedure of organizing a contest online is [...]

Be Consistent On Communicating

The best way to promote business growth and development is by having a consistent and seamless connection with the customers - a connection that promotes communication rather than causes hindrances. If you wish to utilize the Internet and the various online platforms to get your message across, [...]

Expand Your Community through Promos

What you want for your brand is to be at the top of their minds when your customers are ready to shop. One affordable marketing tactic to engage your customers is by introducing a promo through your community. When you are keeping your customer base informed of any new deals or promotions, they [...]

New Products? Make a Promotion!

When consumers buy your products and services, they will rely on both their pragmatic as well as emotional judgments. Your responsibility then is to dare to cater coax their minds in. Your research has probably led you to launch a successful product. But, you will fail if you do not have all the [...]

Generate likability

It is not enough that you generate customer loyalty towards your brand. When it comes to customers, you have to take measures to maintain their loyalty, retain their business, and grow your customer base. Here is some advice that will help you do that: Give Yourself That Competitive Edge It [...]

Motivate desire with a promo

In order to develop customer connection with the brand, the marketing staff carries out different approaches that would encourage the sale of the product to the potential buyers. Additionally, promos help in communicating a special message towards the consumers, which in turn motivates the desire [...]

Are You in the Need of Branding?

Branding, like a class and not just mere advertising, brings to your business the edge you should be looking for. With desirable branding, highlight your unique promise and character to be differentiated from your competitors. Engage with your customers while simultaneously adding value to your offe [...]