How to get the right end user e-mails

How to get the right end user e-mails

Email validation is a core strategy when it comes to communication with a customer, especially if the business is running its operations online.

Configure The Email Validation After You Build The Layout In the Second Step
When using RunRunPromos for configuring your email validation you do not need to go into the technical details of how it works. All that needs to be done is fairly simple. Just go on the third tab labeled Settings and configure your email validation.

Now here is where it gets tricky. You must be very careful when setting an email validation whether this is what will help your promo goal or not. Before you make the cogs roll, make sure you have comprehended the exact goals of the promo you want designed for your site and online business. The step on whether you need to validate emails or not depends on that. For instance you may be only looking to take an anonymous survey, for that email validation is futile. And if you were simple setting out a free gift promotional campaign then an email address may be the only way you can communicate with your clients.

You Can Set Different Email Responses
RunRunPromos gives you the option of creating different email responses for the different emails you may get from the participants of your promos. There is a text book way of doing this. Only you can know what is best to input as an email response for a promo related to your particular online business.

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