Organizing a Poll with a Raffle and Giving Away Cash

Setting up an online promo helps your brand gain increased visibility and a lot of new customers. This is a relatively recent way of promoting a brand/business and has proven to be very effective. You can offer great deals with your online promotion to ensure participation. Creating an effecti [...]

Organizing a Photo, Video or Music Contest Through Votes and Polls

One of the latest marketing trends that is being followed everywhere, be it social media platforms or the brand websites, is organizing various photo, video or music contests and selecting winners through polls and votes. How It Really Works? The procedure of organizing a contest online is [...]

How to Manage Your Email Bounce Rate

Creating an online promo is not an easy task, and the components involved with it are critical to handle. But with RunRunPromos, this task seems pretty easy because they have the right tools and expertise to create a perfect online promo. When you create an email message for your participants, i [...]

Your Email List on RunRunPromos

One of the best features that RunRunPromos offers its customers is the emailing list. It gives a platform for the brands to get emails from the potential clients, which in turn can generate sales and maximize sale promotion. Input and Create Emails Once you log on to [...]

Use promos to generate email lists

An online promo has a number of benefits that it provides to a brand. One of the most important reasons why brands opt for online promos is to get emails of potential customers. When a company obtains emails of people, it can use it to harvest great results for its brand and generate sales. Email [...]