How To Create A Perfect Online Promo For Your Brand

How To Create A Perfect Online Promo For Your Brand

An online promo helps businesses achieve many goals in an effective way. When you plan your promo, make sure you have all the information on the components that you can include in it. With RunRunPromos you get a variety of options to make your online promo work most effectively.

What are the different mechanics offered by RunRunPromos?
RunRunPromos provides an excellent platform for brands that are looking for exposure in the market. It allows you to select from a range of mechanics to include in your online promo. It gives a lot of freedom to the clients on the elements of design. The different mechanics that RunRunPromos offer are:

Only Entry
Free Trial  
Trade In

Buying Promo

With so many choices for your online promo, you can easily create an attractive and effective promo for your brand.

What reward to offer?

There are different options of rewards available at RunRunPromos. You can choose between cash rewards, contests, coupons, instant wins and much more. The choice can be made reviewing the impact of every option. Sweepstakes let the participants win points and then enjoy amazing rewards. Whereas loyalty programs lets the participants win rewards just by participating in the activity. If you think your promo will gain many participants by offering cash rewards then chose that option. All the rewards have their own power with which they impact the participants and motivate them to engage.

What is the difference between Buying Promos and Trade Ins?

Buying Promos
Buying promo is an option provided by RunRunPromos that will lead to instant sales of your products.

Trade Ins
Trade In is the process of replacing an old product with a new one. Similarly, RunRunPromos offers a program that will lead the customers to give their old item and exchange it with a new product of your brand. This is a very effective way of introducing your product to new consumers and getting massive sales.  

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