Promote Your B2B Relationships

Business to business marketing is often referred to as B2B, and is the marketing of products and services to businesses and institutional markets rather than to private retail consumers. While the vehicles of B2B marketing is virtually the same as those that are used to reach the consumer market [...]

How to Manage Your Email Bounce Rate

Creating an online promo is not an easy task, and the components involved with it are critical to handle. But with RunRunPromos, this task seems pretty easy because they have the right tools and expertise to create a perfect online promo. When you create an email message for your participants, i [...]

Are You in the Need of Branding?

Branding, like a class and not just mere advertising, brings to your business the edge you should be looking for. With desirable branding, highlight your unique promise and character to be differentiated from your competitors. Engage with your customers while simultaneously adding value to your offe [...]