5 Mechanics That Improve Branding

5 Mechanics That Improve Branding

If you have your business stuck or crawling and not running, one possibility can be that your potential customers do not know you exist. But if they do know and are, somehow, unable to comprehend your value and what it is exactly that you offer, you need to change your strategy in making your brand memorable and irresistible. One of the most powerful marketing techniques relies on the fact that people love free gifts. The gratification besides the surprise involved leads to motivating the winner into increasing sales. Improve customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty with the following five mechanics.

1.    Organize a Contest

Know the specific goal you want to achieve and choose an appropriate type of contest that is both interesting and entertaining. The prize needs to be based on the effort each participant has to make for the desired action.

2.    Organize a Quiz

A quiz in a low-risk approach you can have your consumers filling out for you the basic data form regarding their needs and preferences to help them with a recommendation. Or you may have one serving as a feedback tool.

3.    Organize an Instant Win

These may be anything from event tickets, a certain amount of real currency, a voucher, or some other product that’s relevant to your customer.

4.    Organize a Raffle

They are simple and effective. The profit behind this technique is to sell the tickets in more numbers than what the raffled item (one that most people wish to own) had cost you in the first place.

5.    Organize a Buying Promo

Providing the target audience an extra incentive for going selective over relative brands catering to human impulses, a buying promo is effective when the marketing budget is low or there is a highly competitive market.

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