Organize a Video Contest

Organize a Video Contest

Organizing a video competition has to be one of the most interesting of online contests. Reason being, it gives you a platform where you can exploit the creativity of the contestants who have submitted their visually enticing videos. So, here is how you can get started with your video contest.

Getting Started

First of all, you will need to post your idea of what the promotional video is going to be about.For instance you can use a product, such as the highly popular Pioneer headphones, or some other product which the contestants would find interesting, and which would allow them to come up with the most creative ideas. The trick here is to stay away from the usual, give them something to think about and then let them loose on it. Use a cool promo on your social media pages to invite people to participate in your competition.

Choose the Platform

Next up, you will have to choose a platform where the contestants will be uploading their videos. Websites, such as, YouTube and Picasa are perfect for video competitions, because they allow the contestants to upload their files, and those who like what they see get to vote via “likes”. A platform like RunRunPromos is a good option to organize a video contest. All you need to do is request your users to upload their videos on a traditional platform such as YouTube, Vimeo etc and a video gallery will be automatically created at RunRunPromos, where contestants can vote for each other.

The Prize

Since a video competition is going to involve some serious effort and creativity on the part of the contestants, you need to make sure that an appropriate prize or grant is awarded to the winner. You can either raffle out a week long summer holiday for the winner or give them a free coupon for the product or service you provide. The best part about hosting video contests is that after the competition is over, the host has great video content to use for their website.

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