Increasing Popularity of Your Brand through Online Contests

Increasing Popularity of Your Brand through Online Contests

You may have often come across this marketing tactic if you are a regular Facebook or Twitter user; share your funniest or cutest photo and get a chance to win a phone or some other gift. This is actually a very common tactic used by businesses to increase the popularity of their brand, and it works wonders.

What Are Online Picture or Video Contests?
Picture or video contests are the challenges which require a user to upload a specific photo or video as decided by the user. A brand may organize a contest that asks customers to upload an abstract photo. Or a brand could ask its customers to upload personalized photos, for example, makeup brands request their users to upload videos/photos with their personalized makeovers using their products.

How to Organize an Online Contest with RunRunPromos?
RunRunPromos is an extensive software that allows brands to create online contests in a blink of an eye. Not just contests, we have over eighty different mechanics and combinations to help you create the promo that you need. With RunRunPromos, all you need to do is design a contest promotion with our easy Promo Builder, and then host it at your website, our website as well as share it on social channels. Uncountable people who find interest in your promo will be signing up for your challenge in no time.

Gaining Brand Recognition through Shares
In social media networks, the activity of an individual is also visible on their friend’s newsfeeds, which makes it all the more better. Contest participants ask their friends to share their entry in the hopes of winning, and the chain goes on, all the more increasing your brand’s recognition. 

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