Organizing a Poll with a Raffle and Giving Away Cash

Setting up an online promo helps your brand gain increased visibility and a lot of new customers. This is a relatively recent way of promoting a brand/business and has proven to be very effective. You can offer great deals with your online promotion to ensure participation. Creating an effecti [...]

4 Ways to Take Advantage of Being Small

As a business owner, there are some things you need to know in promoting your business, other than creating a Facebook page for your customers. As the potential of increasing business rises, your efforts need to reflect the customers growing demand for information. One way of effectively providi [...]

How to Improve Sales Promotions Using Contests

Organize a Contest Related to Your Business Contests are a good way to promote sales within your brand, by driving a good amount of traffic to your website. Contests are generally referred to a type of technique for promotion which includes several tasks and challenges attempting to create a [...]

Organizing Direct Promos with Cash as Rewards

Running a business can be tough. You are not the only one offering an exceptional product; chances are, there are maybe even hundreds or thousands like you. So how do you stand out from the swarm of competitors? You organize direct promotions with cash as rewards. Organizing direct promotion [...]

Use promos to generate email lists

An online promo has a number of benefits that it provides to a brand. One of the most important reasons why brands opt for online promos is to get emails of potential customers. When a company obtains emails of people, it can use it to harvest great results for its brand and generate sales. Email [...]

RunRunPromos officially ready for Launch!

RunRunPromos, a company born of the hard work of a group of individuals in Barcelona, is officially ready to take wings. The team behind RunRunPromos made it their mission to improve the businesses of advertisers and marketing or advertising agencies, by providing [...]