Pioneer: Official Spanish Championship of Deejays

Pioneer: Official Spanish Championship of Deejays

Deejay (DJ) championships have been the center stage for some of the biggest crowds in history. Pioneer sets the stage ever so often for their DJ championships. Their promotions are a great example of how simple register, upload and win promotions can be.  Today, we are going to take a look at how this promo idea works and how you can do it too.

Get them to register their Information through the online form
When you are promoting an event or your business, you need to acquire plenty of data to make decisions and even create an information list. Pioneer does it all the time and it allows them to advertise to literally millions of individuals. This is the form they used.

Upload their Audio
Pioneer knows that there has to be an actionable event that takes place after their registrations; an event that leads to the prize. As such, always get your customers to do something that will help them win the promo event.

A popular example is the “upload your best picture with ___ to win a ___.” Both small and large businesses get customers to upload their best picture with a person or a product that they sell and the best picture wins free tickets or products.

Set an Alluring Prize
Nobody will ever give their details, audio, photo and/or other intellectual material for free. To get the information you need, you need to set a prize that is easy on your marketing budget but alluring enough to attract scores of customers.

For example, Pioneer offered the best audio track sent in a NEXUS set composed by a 2x CDJ-2000nxs and a DJM-900nxs deejay table. When setting the prize for the best upload, ensure that it is not only enticing but also relevant to your audience. There is no point giving a free deejay table for a writing competition.

Also, the jury contest was composed by 4 top 10 Spanish DJs: Uner, Albert Neve, Juanjo Martin y Jordi Carreras, which every single DJ knows. The mere fact to get their sessions listened by them was an incentive in itself! 

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