TomTom Telepass Premium

TomTom Telepass Premium

TomTom is a company that offers a wide range of satellite navigation equipment to the world. More importantly, they are a great example of how to make a good promotion. Using rather simple techniques in a recent campaign, TomTom was able to drive sales and sell plenty of its services. Here is a closer look at their promo strategy.

Promote a Premium Product
Like many other smart business, TomTom knew that mid-range products sell relatively easily. High-end products take time to sell but when they do, they bring in much larger profits. As such, almost 85% of the products placed on their promo were premium products.

Set an Attractive Incentive
As with any promotion, a goods or money incentive is usually required to both attract customers and influence them to purchase one particular product; a premium product. To help drive their sales, TomTom offered a €100 incentive to individuals who purchased their premium products. Interestingly, that was not all. To really make sure that their promo was a success, they gave a 1-year TomTom subscription pass as well. Of course, like any promotion, conditions always apply.

Register your Details
If you wanted to receive €100 that the promotion promised to offer, you had to give something back to TomTom. When they registered their purchase with TomTom, provided accurate and verifiable details, and filled in a simple registration form, €100 would be transferred to their bank account.

The TomTom Telepass Premium promotion is a prime example of promotions done right. It offered products that were profitable enough to make it worth the company’s while. They acquired valuable data from their customers, both in terms of products and personal details, and they acquired new customers. Considering the minimal incentive they gave for the benefits they received, this was a successful promo.

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