Organizing a Poll with a Raffle and Giving Away Coupons

Organizing a Poll with a Raffle and Giving Away Coupons

Online polls are an effective way to engage the audience and gather desired information. You can set-up questions that you want to ask and the audience responds to it. Online polls are incredibly popular on social networks and many people participate in them, helping brands get information on relevant strategic topics.

What is a poll with a raffle?

A poll itself attracts much audience, and when you add raffle with it, it becomes even more exciting. Free polls are a regular tool from brands on social networks. However a poll with a raffle is unique and can attract an increased number of participants. People participate in such a poll and upon completing the poll they are eligible to take part in a raffle. Raffles are amazing because they let people win free prizes. The best part about a raffle is that it gives more people a chance to win prizes.

Why is a poll with a raffle beneficial for your brand?

Since a poll with a raffle will attract a larger audience, it will provide you with strategic data on customers. When people answer questions you provide to them, then you can get an insight on your brand, perception of the public or their likes and dislikes. This is very useful information and can help your brand in many ways. You can use this information to create better products that are more consumers oriented. A poll with a raffle is beneficial for your brand also because every participant can take part in a raffle. People participate because they know have a chance to win something and when you assure them that every participant is going to win something, the enthusiasm doubles.

Offering coupons to attract customers

Offering coupons on raffle tickets is the best combination. Coupons attract many people and they take part in your poll with a raffle because you are providing them with discounts, great deals and incentives for free. They just have to enter the poll to be able to win so much. It also provides them a time frame to use the coupon which helps you reach your sales target in a short period of time. Everyone loves to avail discounts and offering coupons on a poll with a raffle makes people more eager and they think that they are making a profitable deal.

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