Organizing a Poll with an Instant Win and Giving Away a Coupon

Organizing a Poll with an Instant Win and Giving Away a Coupon

Instant wins get a lot of attention because it provides people with an opportunity to win immediately. Instant rewards are among the most popular form of rewards. You can win cash, gifts, coupons, discounts and much more, instantly. It is more effective than any other deal and therefore gets the most attention.

Get people to participate in a poll with an Instant Win
When you set up a poll on the internet and offer instant wins, many people will be drawn towards it. People will answer questions and win immediately. This leads to a massive turnover because more people would be willing to join. Instant wins are attractive and nobody likes to wait for the prize. You will be able to collect information about people through polls and can give out information about your brand too. A poll will give you insight on the mind of the customers that will help you target them more effectively.

Giving away a coupon on Instant Wins
Instant win itself is a very effective way to attract customers. If you offer a coupon to the winners as an instant win reward then people become enthusiastic to participate.
1. Giving away coupons will help you gain sales
2. It will provide a time frame to the participants to use their coupons
3. You will achieve your sales target in a short period of time
4. Getting coupons immediately upon winning increases the level of participation
5. Encourage people to participate and win
6. It will create brand awareness
7. It will boost up your brand image
8. More people will talk about winning coupons because of you
9. People would want to participate to avail discounts on coupons
10. They will engage with your brand more often

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