Organize a Raffle with a Promo Coupon

Organize a Raffle with a Promo Coupon

Organizing a raffle is a surefire way to ensure that you increase your number of customers by providing them with additional benefits that few others receive. Although most raffles are held actively in specific venues such as malls, carnivals, and fairs, a more effective method is to set up online raffles linked to your promotional product. The prize: a time-limited coupon to attain special benefits of your company or product which others aren’t privileged to. Although you may limit the number of promotional coupons you would want to give away, there is no limit or restriction placed on how many people can enter the raffle, or even how many times one person can enter a raffle. Promoting your raffle online can increase your target market by reaching customers even at far-away distances, which will help to promote your product, service, and/or company more effectively than a traditional raffle set-up would.

Benefits of Setting up a Raffle with a Coupon

Using raffles to promote your product or business is one most effective ways to gain the attention of the public, as they offer free gifts or deals, and are open to everyone who’s willing to participate irrespective of gender, class, or creed.  Furthermore, promotional coupons offer the benefit of helping your product not only become known in the market, but also to be consumed more than it would be if there were no additional benefits provided. After all, why should a customer deviate from their loyal brand and switch to yours instead? Offering a lower cost (initially) and topping it off with an extra discount can help you gain customer attention as they will be mindful of their savings. And if your product is good enough, their loyal brand, your competitor, will have a lost a customer to you.

Why Customers Like Coupons

As you provide customers with the chance to win promotional coupons, you target their mindset by encouraging in them the need to win, as they will be the lucky selected few to receive a special discount on your items, while others pay full price. The desire to get ahead is what ultimately fuels the success of raffles. Entering the raffle is free, and upon winning: a special discount. What’s to lose? The more this frame of mind is promoted, the more you gain potential customers. Furthermore, because coupons are only valid for a limited period of time, you will gain a good idea of what sort of feedback to expect regarding your product in terms of likeability of the product amongst the masses. Positive feedback will of course speak for itself; however, negative feedback should drive you to improve your product. 

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