How to make your promo work

How to make your promo work

When businesses need to achieve their goals and gain power over their competitors, they find new and improved ways to promote their brand and products. Online promo is a relatively new concept of promoting a brand. With the internet usage at its peak and communication platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it has become easier for brands to reach out to the target audience.

Where to start from?

When you want to create a promo make sure you have set your goal. This is the goal that you will achieve after your promo activity. Goal setting is the basic part of any activity. You need to start by setting a goal for your online promo and then define the steps in your promo activity to further clarify it.

What components will make your online promo a huge success?

A good platform will make your online promo a huge success. RunRunPromos offers a variety of mechanics to add to your online promo to achieve your goals. The mechanics they offer include: referrals, coupons, trade in, loyalty, only entry, free trial, quizzes, polls and much more. Every mechanic has its own specialty and impact.

How can you motivate participants to buy your product?

There are many options that you can try to motivate people to buy your product.

Coupons motivate participants to engage in your online promo and win coupons upon achieving the promo goal. Coupons provide discounts to customers so that they buy your products.
Sweepstakes are very effective because they don't need much of an effort. Offering rewards on participation is the most effective way to get people to engage with your brand.
Instant Win has the immediate magical effect. 

What is the benefit of a loyalty program?

If you want to increase your brand awareness then you must choose a loyalty program. When people participate in your online promo, they earn points which can later be redeemed in the form of gifts, coupons, and discounts. This will spread a positive word in the market and social media about your brand and more people will be drawn towards it.

How to increase sales?

RunRunPromos offers two most popular choices that lead to massive sales; Buying Promos and Trade-In. with these mechanics, more people will be interested in buying your product and in return maximizing your sales.

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