How To Integrate Social Media In Your Promo

How To Integrate Social Media In Your Promo

Give your promo more exposure and the opportunity to serve its full purpose by extending it towards the social networking sites.To help you, RunRunPromos takes care of the technical stuff and you need to keep things up to date.

Easy Integration Of Facebook
This is much easier to apply than it sounds. All that needs doing is that you select your social promo to function on a specific URL under RunRunPromos domain and on Facebook as well.

Create Interaction
By inserting social promos on sites like Facebook and Twitter, you are making it easier for your participants to interact with you. Think about it, a lot of people spend most of their time using social networking sites than they spend browsing other sites. What could be more hassle-free and convenient than you allowing everyone to view the social promo on Facebook or any other website. There are social sharing buttons as well embedded within the form, allowing your customers to undergo activation/deactivation in realtime.

Communicate With Your Participants
You also get the option to talk to your participants via the tools present in each social networking site.RunRunPromos does more than just, it allows you to resolve complaints and queries in time, and keep track of each communication. You can also use this communication for information gathering.

Choose The Social Networks
The best part about this is that you have the choice on which social network site you like to choose. Seriously, you can insert your social promo not just on Facebook but Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ too.
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